Services at the Laboratory

Our services include various lighting measurements as well as the organization of training seminars for authorities and industry.


Our (sub-)contract measurement service allows you to increase your measuring capacity without large investment in hardware or labour costs. The following measurements, among others, can be carried out in our laboratory:

  • Light intensity
  • Illuminance
  • Luminance
  • Luminous flux of lamps and luminaires (Ulbricht method)
  • Luminous intensity distribution curves
  • Luminous flux calculation from luminous intensity distribution curves
  • Transmittance
  • Degree of absorption
  • Reflectance
  • Reflection value and specific reflection value
  • Color measurement
  • Spectral measurement
  • Spectral substance index
  • Spectral radiation distribution
  • Angle-dependent spectral distributions
  • Special measurements (e.g. effective light intensities)
  • Photometric measurement of headlights and lights according to ECE
  • Photometric measurement of lights according to DIN
  • Thermal structure functions
  • Ray theorems
  • Light simulations

Seminars and Workshops

Our Laboratory offers a diverse program of training courses, seminars, and workshops for beginners and advanced users.

We provide you with up-to-date, practice-oriented knowledge and a deep understanding of general lighting applications using selected examples. The aim is to easily and quickly implement what you have learned independently in day-to-day business.

The seminars and workshops take place in Darmstadt or on-site by arrangement. All courses are only available in German.

We offer the following training courses, seminars, and workshops:

  • Basics of lighting technology
  • Automotive lighting technology
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • LED technology
  • Colorimetry and color measurement technology
  • Light measurement technology and LED light perception
  • Virtual reality