Dr.-Ing. Babak Zandi becomes Editorial Board Member at Scientific Reports


Babak Zandi from the Laboratory of Adaptive Lighting Systems and Visual Processing has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the renowned journal Scientific Reports.

In his role, he is responsible for organizing peer review processes for submitted scientific papers and decides whether or not a paper should be published on the basis of expert opinions. As an editor, he ensures the validity of the published results and compliance with the editorial criteria of the journal.

Scientific Reports is a scientific journal published online by Nature Publishing Group. The open-access journal covers all areas of science, psychology, medicine and engineering and is one of the most cited journals in the world.

At the chair of Professor Khanh, Babak Zandi is doing research on machine learning topics for light engineering systems in his role as a group leader.

We warmly congratulate Dr.-Ing. Babak Zandi on this appointment.