AI-TWILIGHT Year 2 Review Meeting in Lyon


Dr. Alexander Herzog represented the participating departments of TU Darmstadt and the German consortium partners at the AI-TWILIGHT Year 2 Review Meeting in Lyon.

End of June, we had our Year 2 Review meeting in Lyon, France at the premises of Cluster Lumière. AI-TWILIGHT project progress, results as well as outlook for Year 3 were presented to the external reviewers and the KDT JU project officer Simona Rucareanu. Demonstrators for indoor and horticulture use cases were presented. Year 3 will still be a very challenging year with a lot of work to still be performed on the Digital Twin using AI and analytics techniques. The reviewers recognized the good progress so far for our ambitious AI-TWILIGHT project.

We are quite confident that we will make AI-TWILIGHT a successful project and achieve our ambitions to implement the self-learning digital twin in the lighting industry and make the most exploitation of the AI-TWILIGHT project results in the training and education program in the Academia world and also in the international standardization bodies.

Via this note, we want to welcome the City of Lyon who recently joined the AI-TWILIGHT project as a non-funded French partner; we are looking forward to a great collaboration and learning from their practical experience which will enrich later our opportunity for exploitation of our results.

Thanks to the KDT JU project officer Simona Rucareanu and the external reviewers Mariano Perálvarez and Peter Rosengren for their meticulous and constructive review, suggestion, and comments on the AI-TWILIGHT project.

We trust that these will significantly facilitate the AI-TWILIGHT project to make better progress and fruitful results in Year 3.

Thanks to christophe MARTY for hosting the event, our project coordinator Genevieve Martin for her guidance and making sure the gaps are bridged, our administrative project manager Diana for keeping pushing in times of deadlines, the workpackage leaders Elke Kraker, Andras Poppe, christophe MARTY, Wouter Soer,and Ru Li for keeping the pace and to all the partners without which the progress would not have been possible in this second year.

Thanks to the Country representatives Alexander Herzog, Roberto Guerra, and Víctor Guerra Yánez who also participated in this review meeting.

The wonderful Lyon Views and Food made our two-day journey in Lyon much more perfect.