Student Assistants

Scienitific Research and Student Assistants

At the Laboratory of Lighting Technology, we give students the opportunity to experience everyday life in a scientific environment as a scientific research assistant or student assistant under supervision and guidance.

Scientific research assistants and student assistants support us in all technical tasks.

We are among the best in our field – and we want to give our students the chance to be the best, too.

Julian Kunkel, MSc

Moritz Lode, MSc

Rayan Al Tunisi, MSc

Wajahat Anjum

Ali Ali

Tim Bölker

Ares Dornauf

Lennart Fedler

Sebastian Fritz

Sun Myung Kim

David Reichenbach

Seynab Rieser

Joel Simon, BSc

Philipp Wiegand

Titel Betreuer
Studentische Hilfskraft für programmiertechnische Aufgaben (Kfz-Lichttechnik) David Hoffmann, M.Sc.

Studentische Hilfskraft für Data-Science, Machine-Learning:
  • Erarbeiten von Präferenzmodellen, Umgebungsmodellen
  • Datenclustering, Data Mining
  • Recommender System
Stefan Klir, M.Sc.
Studentische Hilfskraft für allgemeine Python Aufgaben Stefan Klir, M.Sc.