Technical excursion with students of the specialization SAE 2022


From May 16 to 20, the technical excursion of the specialization SAE (Sensors, Actuators, Electronics) took place under this year's organization of the Laboratory of Adaptive Lighting Systems and Visual Processing. For 5 days several companies in the field of the specialization and with focus in the field of lighting technology were visited: Integrated Dynamics Engineering in Raunheim, MA Lighting in Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg, Diehl Aerospace in Nuremberg, AUDI in Ingolstadt as well as ARRI and ARRK in Munich.

In addition to a dinner and subsequent night watchperson tour through the old town of Würzburg by the sponsorship of the friends club of the laboratory, there was a brewery tour followed by a meal at the Spaten Brewery in Munich sponsored by the Freunde der Praktischen Entwicklungsmethodik an der TU-Darmstadt e. V.