Lecture Announcement for Winter Semester 2023/24

Lecture Lighting Technology I


Lighting Technology I winter semester 2023/24

Dear students, In the Light Technology I lecture, you have the opportunity to dive into the multidisciplinary field of light research, which connects LED technology, the human visual system, and biomedicine. From an “Introduction to Light Technology” to an examination of various light and radiation sources, this course covers the physics and optics that underlie the scientific exploration of light phenomena. We will delve into the anatomical and physiological intricacies of the human eye, optical sensor systems, photometric methods, and the fundamental principles of photobiology.

Our lecture series is enriched with special sessions such as the “Christmas Lecture” and comprehensive explorations of color metrics. Our esteemed instructors include Professor Khanh, Head of the Department of Adaptive Lighting Systems and Visual Processing, Dr. Hamm, former Head of Headlight Development at AUDI AG, and Dr. Zandi, a Postdoctoral Researcher and graduate of the ALSVV department.