Christmas Lecture Winter Semester 2023


The annual Christmas lecture in the winter semester of 2023 at the Department of Adaptive Lighting Systems and Visual Processing promises a unique blend of festive entertainment and intriguing insights into the latest innovations in lighting research.

Every year, shortly before the end of the year, the lecture hall for the Lighting Technology 1 course fills with the scent of various Christmas delights, colorful lighting, and numerous interested guests. In approximately 90 minutes, Professor Khanh, lecturer Dr. Michael Hamm, and the scientific staff of the Laboratory of Adaptive Lighting Systems and Visual Processing present a blend of entertainment and expertise. This year, the event kicked off with a focus on the disruptive innovations of the past 100 years in lighting research, particularly those related to the illumination of Santa Claus's sleigh. In the second part of the event, various engaging experiments showcased the versatility of light, including a cucumber as a light source, the functionality of the night mode in modern smartphones, an indoor sunset, and a laser pointer microscope. The department expresses gratitude for the lively interest and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season.