Dissertation on the Reliability of Mid-Power LEDs for Horticulture Applications


We congratulate Mr. Simon Benkner on the successful defense of his dissertation titled “Investigating and Modeling the Impact of Moisture on the Reliability of Mid-Power Light-Emitting Diodes” on November 29, 2023.

In his research, Mr. Benkner investigated the reliability of mid-power class LEDs with regard to their use in horticulture applications. He subjected various types of LEDs to accelerated aging under a total of 24 different conditions of temperature, humidity, and current. The component reliability was continuously analyzed in terms of optical, electrical, and thermal parameters. The changes in the recorded parameters were then modeled using both conventional and data-driven approaches.

Professor Khanh, in his role as the supervising doctoral advisor, and co-supervisor Professor Hofmann congratulate Mr. Benkner on his research contribution, which represents an important contribution to the optimization of the reliability of future generations of LEDs.