Solid state lighting

Solid state lighting – lectures and practicals


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Tran Quoc Khanh
Alexander Herzog, M.Sc.



Course contents:

  • Basics of light and color perception
  • Basics of semiconductor light sources
  • LEDs: material systems, designs, structure, optics
  • Phosphors; Fluorescent mixtures
  • colored and white LEDs
  • Temperature, current and optical behavior of LEDs
  • LED models
  • Lifespan and failure mechanisms of LEDs
  • OLEDs and semiconductor lasers in lighting technology
  • Optical sensors, semiconductor cameras, color sensors
  • Light quality from semiconductor light sources
  • Selection and combination of LEDs in practical LED lights
  • flicker
  • Grouping (so-called binning) of LEDs according to their technological parameters
  • Light quality metrics
  • Intelligent interior lighting with LEDs: color recognition, spectral reconstruction
  • Intelligent vehicle and exterior lighting with LEDs
  • Practical course: thermal, electrical and photometric measurement of LED light sources

Course structure:

2 SWS Lectures + 2 SWS practicals



Lecture time:

Mondays 09:50 – 11:30


Lighting Technology I and II

Online offers:

TUCaN (Module number: 18-kh-2060)