Excursion Leica and ViaOptics


Students during the excursion at Leica

This February, students from our department of Adaptive Lighting and Visual Processing had the exciting opportunity to visit two leading companies in the optics industry: VIAOPTIC and Leica.

The day was filled with exciting insights into the world of high-precision optics and photographic technology.

Our excursion began at 10:00 a.m. with our arrival at Leitz-Park 1 in Wetzlar.

Under the guidance of three development engineers, we were given a detailed tour of the VIAOPTIC production facility. The experts gave us in-depth insights into the latest technologies and manufacturing processes in the field of optics.

We then moved on to LEICA, where we were given an exciting tour of the LEICA Camera production facilities. A delicious lunch was followed by presentations on job opportunities at LEICA-Camera and insights into the engineering work.

Our excursion concluded with a visit to the Ernst Leitz Museum, which presented the history of the company as well as interactive exhibits with modern variants of the Leica camera.

The excursion to VIAOPTIC and Leica not only gave us an insight into the fascinating world of optics and photography, but also provided inspiration for our future career paths. We would like to thank the organizers and everyone involved for this inspiring experience.